Who’s been cranking-up their outputs in the sports video space?


Through 2022 the VFL, NBL1, NPL NSW, Football West and Bowls Queensland led the way amongst 450 state sporting organisations for Facebook video publishing while Softball, AFL, Diving, Surfing and Football collectively run the highest percentage of videos in their profiles.

    The use of video by sports around the country is on the rise and shows no signs of slowing. In 2022 it made up 13% (15,594) of all posts published on Facebook by state sporting organisations (SSO’s) with picture posts at 71% (120,108) and links at 17% (19,844).

    Publishing Powerhouses

    Amongst the 450 (SSO’s) analysed there were several that really stood-out based on the sheer number of videos they publish on Facebook.

    Taking top spot was the Victorian Football League (VFL) with 726, equivalent to two videos per day. This is in stark contrast to their 2021 result of just 34 (Ranked 124th) where the sport was severely impacted by rolling Covid lockdowns that ruined the season.

    Top 5 Facebook Video Publishers SSO’s

    1Victorian Football League (VFL)726
    3NPL New South Wales375
    4Football West349
    5Bowls Queensland297

    NBL1 crack 2K milestone

    NBL1 aren’t just masters at video, having also published 1,365 pictures and 89 link posts to take their grand tally for 2022 over the 2K mark (2,136) – the only organisation at a state or territory level to hit this milestone.

    Top 5 Facebook Publishers SSO’s

    2Football West1,505
    3Football Queensland1,431
    4New South Wales Rugby League (NSWRL)1,269
    5Victorian Football League (VFL)1,261

    VFL have a plus 50% video run rate

    Who’s leaning into videos the hardest as part of their Facebook content mix? The VFL is the only state sporting organisation sampled that tops 50% of all posts categorised as videos.

    Top 5 Facebook Video Mix SSO’s

    1Victorian Football League (VFL)58%
    2New South Wales Weightlifting Association47%
    3NBL1 West38%
    4Softball SA38%
    5Softball Queensland37%

    Football organisations go hard on video

    The sport that is the clear leader across the country for video production is football with 1,666 posts published across the 10 organisations we currently track.

    Top 5 Facebook Video Publisher Sports


    Tight at the top for most prolific

    It was tight at the top during 2022 for bragging rights as to which state sporting organisations collectively published the most posts on Facebook. Here we can see the 13 monitored Basketball organisations edged-out the 10 Football SSO’s by a couple of hundred posts. There’s then a gap to third with another close battle between Hockey and the AFL.

    Top 5 Facebook Publisher Sports


    Softball going all in on video

    Great to see some sports here that might surprise. In the number 1 spot for the sport with the highest mix of videos in its Facebook feed is softball at 26%. Also of note is Diving at 23% with Surfing making its first appearance at 21%.

    Top 5 Facebook Video Mix Sports



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