New kid on the block flexes its muscles


If you can make your sport TikTok-able….. if you can create an environment on the playing field where teenagers and young adults want to create a TikTok then the insane algorithm driving the platform takes care of the rest.

Report Highlights

When was the last time you saw a social media platform generate these sort of numbers?

  • Post publishing up 69% from last year
  • Fan engagement up 76%
  • Impressions/plays up 93% to a staggering 2.5 Billion
  • All from less than 200 profiles we’re monitoring so far across the sector.


“In the battle of the winter codes for TikTok fans the NRL has a substantial lead over the AFL.”

1Australian Open       2,000,000
2NRL       1,200,000
3AFL           429,200
4The NBL           362,600
5Brisbane Broncos           343,400
6CommBank Matildas           328,600
7Melbourne Storm           264,800           259,500
9Red Bull Ampol Racing           245,900
10Supercars           232,900

Post Publishing

“Major national league accounts dominated TikTok content generation in 2023.”

RankProfileNumber of posts
4Australian Open473
5Collingwood FC467
6The NBL443
7NZ Warriors429
9Touch Football Australia322
10Gold Coast Titans282

Fan Engagement

“The AO dwarfs all other profiles currently measured by Shunt for fan engagement.”

RankProfileNumber of Reactions, Comments & Shares
1Australian Open                                                                   38,286,459
2AFL                                                                   12,405,126
3Collingwood FC                                                                      9,935,872
4NRL                                                                      9,658,715
5CommBank Matildas                                                                      9,434,984
6NZ Warriors                                                                      7,863,057
7The NBL                                                                      7,741,036
8Brisbane Broncos                                                                      6,662,916
9Gold Coast Titans                                                                      4,061,272
10A-Leagues                                                                      3,673,450


“The number of TikTok impressions or plays was a staggering 2.54B in 2023 generated by just 185 monitored accounts.”

RankProfileImpressions of posts
1Australian Open                   815,697,968
2AFL                   151,713,942
3NRL                   148,069,409
4CommBank Matildas                   103,682,200
5Collingwood FC                     96,892,900
6The NBL                     81,935,134
7Brisbane Broncos                     78,476,400
8NZ  Warriors                     76,347,737
9Netball Australia                     63,963,271
10A-Leagues                     63,137,673


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