Golf clubs set new Facebook fan engagement high


The lingering effects of Covid related lockdown disruptions are now officially behind the golf sector with club Facebook fan engagement setting a new all-time high in 2023 of 2.46 million.  

2023 Social Media Highlights

  • Fan growth up another 125,000 to 1.78 million
  • Post publishing outputs increased by 8% to 132,000
  • Fan engagement rises 15%, setting new all-time high of 2.46 million
  • Post performance increased 8%, setting new all-time high
  • Sample: 1,020 Monitored golf clubs nationwide

Fan growth continues at steady pace

Golf clubs collectively added 160,000 (+11%) Facebook fans in 2022 and another 125,000 (+8%) last year.

Post-Covid publishing plateau “breaks”

Following a pre-Covid 2019 peak in publishing outputs golf club Facebook post production dipped and then plateaued for several years with very little movement.

Until 2023, when it (just) set a new all-time high as content generation once again stepped-up a notch. 

“As community clubs use of social media becomes more sophisticated there is an industry-wide trend towards post quality over quantity and a leveling-off in outputs. As has been the case with golf clubs over several years.” SHUNT

Fan engagement sets new high

Where the sports sector felt the full brunt of Covid related disruptions on fan engagement in 2020 with significant falls, the situation for golf clubs was much more positive with an actual increase in reactions, comments and shares recorded that year.

Golf though was not totally immune from Covid with a fall in engagement eventually coming in 2021 before a steady recovery culminating in a new high for 2023.

Golf clubs are getting smarter on the socials

Notes; Shunt’s performance metric is a simple ratio that divides fan engagement by posts published in a given period to determine average engagements per post.

The aim of this post efficiency and effectiveness calculation is to find the “sweet-spot” between posting too little and leaving fan engagement untapped and posting to much that  audiences are spammed and turn-off.  

As golf club’s social media maturity and sophistication grows, there comes a better understanding as to what content does and doesn’t engage audiences.

This translates to improved post-performance results as can be seen in this graph as the strategy switches from post quantity to quality.

Fans falling more in love with their local golf club

A unique attribute of Facebook is the ability to gauge the emotional response of fans to content via sentiment reactions.

One metric that stands-out amongst golf clubs is the number of Love reactions to posts which has been growing rapidly year-on-year, up another 38% for 2023 to 128,000 in total.


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