From zero to 2 billion impressions in just 4-years


The incredible growth of Australian sport on TikTok shows no signs of slowing with every core metric Shunt measures delivering substantial increases on last year with impressions or plays now approaching 2 billion per annum.

    Profile count continues at speed

    The number of accounts Shunt monitors increased 38% in the last year.

    TikTok monitored accounts 2019-23, financial year.

    The AFL and Basketball have the largest combined presence on TikTok based on our research at 21 accounts each followed by the NRL and Football at 19. National team and league profiles represent the bulk of these totals.  

    Rank Sport Accounts
    1 AFL 21
    2 Basketball 21
    3 Football 19
    4 NRL 19
    5 Cricket 10
    6 Baseball 9
    7 Motorsport 9
    8 Netball 9
    9 Ice Hockey 8
    10 Major Venues 7
    13 Hockey 5
    14 Tennis 4
    15 Gymnastics 3
    18 Volleyball 3
    28 Sailing 1
    29 Swimming 1

    Audience growth showing no signs of slowing

    Sports TikTok fan footprint has cruised past 10 million.

    TikTok audience footprint, financial year.

    The AO has excelled at growing its TikTok fanbase with a comfortable buffer over the NRL who in turn has plenty of daylight between it and third placed AFL. Interesting to see the NBL is a little over a 1,000 fans short of the AFL in fourth.  

    RankAccount Fans
    1Australian Open 1,700,000
    2NRL 1,100,000
    3AFL 333,900
    4NBL 332,500 252,700
    6Brisbane Broncos 248,000
    7Red Bull Ampol Racing 235,400
    8Melbourne Storm 235,300
    9Geelong Cats 211,400
    10St Kilda FC 194,400

    Looking at combined audiences by sport, it’s the NRL leading the way followed by the AFL.

    Rank Sport Audience
    1 NRL 3,040,356
    2 AFL 2,061,884
    3 Tennis 1,742,422
    4 Football 1,121,830
    5 Basketball 584,399
    6 Cricket 485,832
    7 Motorsport 459,264
    8 Rugby 423,391
    9 Netball 166,593
    10 High Performance 152,500

    TikTok publishing rates double (again)

    As the number of TikTok accounts increase each year so too do publishing rates, up another 115%.

    Post publishing outputs, financial year.

    The A-Leagues has the edge in post-publishing outputs over the AFL by a slim margin, while the NBL held out the Australian Open for third.

    4Australian Open420
    5Rugby Australia370
    7Touch Football Australia333
    8Collingwood Magpies289
    9Gold Coast Titans241

    While the NRL might lead the sector for total audience, it’s the combined AFL profiles that are responsible for delivering the largest publishing outputs.

    1AFL 3,147
    2NRL 2,543
    3Football 2,053
    4Basketball 1,714
    5Cricket 793
    6Rugby 780
    7Netball 533
    8Tennis 464
    9Motorsport 454
    10Baseball 347

    Australian Open aces fan engagement

    Engagement rates (reactions, comments and shares) are up another 62% from last financial year.

    Fan engagement totals, financial year.

    The Australian Open is head and shoulders above any other sports administrator or rights holder for TikTok engagement with the NBL a notable entry as next best.

    1Australian Open 34,223,609
    2NBL 8,196,278
    3AFL 7,512,354
    4NRL 7,048,854
    5Rugby Australia 5,808,924
    6Collingwood FC 5,652,330
    7Brisbane Broncos 4,837,593
    8Gold Coast Titans 3,482,439
    9A-Leagues 2,499,630
    10Geelong Cats 2,383,158

    Great to see Touch Football sneak into the Top-10 for combined engagement with a million-plus result.

    RankSport All Reactions
    1Tennis 34,851,466
    2NRL 30,971,342
    3AFL 29,340,471
    4Basketball 11,529,519
    5Football 9,633,508
    6Netball 4,272,688
    7Cricket 3,225,191
    8Motorsport 2,549,318
    9Rugby 2,332,585
    10Touch Football 1,153,796

    Impressions (Plays) approaching 2 billion

    The number of TikTok impressions or plays is up another 85% to land just short of 2 billion.

    Impressions (plays) total, financial year.

    The Australian Open accounts for 30% of all impressions with a staggering tally in excess of 600 million.

    1Australian Open 608,508,468
    2Rugby Australia 107,739,269
    3NRL 98,742,697
    4AFL 81,657,851
    5NBL 73,015,902
    6Brisbane Broncos 56,996,700
    7Collingwood FC 49,746,000
    8A-Leagues 46,056,147
    9Netball Australia 44,537,894
    10Gold Coast Titans 41,065,833