Shooting club social media productivity and engagement goes ballistic


In some of the most impressive social media results Shunt has seen to date shooting clubs around the country have upped their Facebook productivity in the last five years by over 100% while engagement has leapt a staggering 350%. Not even Covid can knock clubs off-target as the latest results signal a full recovery is almost in sight.  

The five-year Shunt analysis (2015-19) of shooting clubs has shown that the number of posts published by clubs is up by 128%, audience engagement has climbed 350% and the performance of posts (an engagement to productivity ratio) has also improved by 97%.

Plenty in gun clubs productivity magazine

Shooting clubs productivity work rate has continuously improved at a rapid clip with relatively modest results of 7,500 in 2015 exploding to well over 17,000 last year.

Shooting Stars

The engagement profile (all Facebook reactions, comments and shares) for Shooting Australia’s 265 clubs monitored as part of this report is one of the steepest that Shunt has seen to date, reflected in the 350% growth rate for the last five years. As clubs have upped their Facebook post publishing game so too clearly has the quality of the content shared with engagement growth outstripping productivity by well over 200%.

Better content, more often

The real test of how healthy and robust a sports social media presence is the performance of posts published. This simple ratio that divides total engagement by the number of posts is a key indicator of how efficient and effective they are.

When engagement growth far exceeds increasing productivity levels the net result is continual improvements in shooting clubs post performance.

With the average number of engagements per post close to doubling from 8.05 (2015) to 15.83 (2019) it suggests clubs are becoming more and more effective in how they manage their time on social media.

Then along came Covid…..

Shunt has recently published industry-wide research examining the impact Covid-19 and associated lockdowns have had on the sector.

The 2020 Q1 productivity and engagement profiles indicate the sport was on track for an even bigger year than last year, unfortunately as with the rest of the sector this came to a screaming halt in April. Testament though to the resilience of the 265 clubs analysed was a concerted fightback that saw both core metrics almost back to March levels by October.

On-target for return to normal

The 2020 productivity graph for shooting clubs was on track for another bumper year when Covid-19 hit our shores and nationwide lockdowns ensued. This saw productivity plummet to just over 500 from a 1,638 high. To the credit of clubs around the country they dug-in and steadily chipped away at the deficit month by month, passing the January total by October.  

Productivity for 2020 so far is down significantly at 11,979 posts published to date (October). With only two-months remaining for the year this suggests end of year totals won’t get close to the 2019 result but the 2018 level remains within reach.  

Full recovery in sight

Another interesting aspect of how clubs have weathered the Covid storm can be seen by looking at engagement levels. Starting from a February high to an April low as lockdowns began to bite each successive month engagement levels steadily improved (apart from A September blip) to return to near March levels by October.

Despite the stunning fightback by shooting clubs collectively they won’t be climbing the same heady heights as 2019 with total reactions, comments and shares as the end of October 2020 standing at 175,822. While 2018 levels will be comfortably surpassed clubs will fall-short of last year’s numbers which in itself represents a massive achievement.  

Melbourne Gun Club tops table in tight result

It was tight at the top for the shooting club nationally with the largest Facebook audience. In the end, the Melbourne Gun Club has won-out (just), from the QRA Queensland Rifle Association who in turn were seriously challenged by Frankston Australian Clay Target and Majura Park Gun Club (as at mid-November, 2020).  

Frankston Australian Clay Target Club a publishing powerhouse

Through 2019, the Frankston Australia Clay Target Club averaged 1.5 posts-per-day to take top honours as the powerhouse publishers of the sport with the Melbourne Gun club also operating at a 500+ level for the year.

Looking to 2020, as at the end of October it is the Rockhampton Pistol Club leading the way having already published 340 posts. In second is the Frankston Australian Clay Target Club (290) with the Melbourne Gun Club (237) third.

Lock, stock and barrel for Melbourne Gun Club

The Melbourne Gun Club have excelled at engaging audiences in the last five years having gone from just 593 reactions, comments and shares in 2015 to almost 17,000 last year. It is interesting to see how the top-10 have ‘dropped’ from a state perspective with Victoria snatching four spots while NSW and Queensland had three apiece.

In what is shaping-up as something of a repeat, the Melbourne Gun Club is once again setting the pace for 2020 with 7,497 engagements to date. In second is the Frankston Australian Clay Target Club (6,581) with the QRA (5,977) replacing Guyra Gun Club in third.

Wagga Clay Target Club tops NSW bragging rights shootout

What club generated the ‘biggest bang for the buck’ last year in achieving the highest average engagements per post? The narrow winner amongst a trio of NSW clubs was the Wagga Clay Target Club (38.52) chased hard by Guyra Gun Club who have improved their average post performance from 10.02 in 2015 to 36.61 last year while the Goulburn Clay Target Club has also improved markedly from a 7.45 average to 34.41 for the same period.

Research notes;

265 Shooting clubs from around Australia with a Facebook page were analysed as part of this report. Results are for Facebook only. Annual data from January 2015 to December 2019 inclusive. 2020 results from January to October inclusive.

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