At Shunt we believe that the better we understand the industry in which we operate and our place within it the more informed and effective our decision-making.

That’s why we started tracking the social media audiences of the Australian sport’s industry several years ago. It turns out the clients we worked with were as fascinated by these insights as we were so we thought we’d up the stakes and take it national.

Now we’ve got a whole lot more things to get excited about…..

S.T.A.R. Report 2018

Shunt has conducted an 18-month research project into Australian sports 200 million social media audience drawn from 4,000 rights holders and athletes 7,500 accounts. The 500-page S.T.A.R. Report is one of the most comprehensive studies undertaken to date on social media followers of Australian sport.

Headline Statistics

  • 200 million audience across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • 7,500 accounts
  • 3,000 athletes from 45 sports
  • 1,000 rights holders from 77 sports, events and venues

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