Our Approach


We love working with our not-for-profit (NFP) clients, who do a fantastic job enriching and caring for our communities. The culture of creative freedom that is a hallmark of the sector is the perfect environment for the team at Shunt who like nothing better than finding innovation solutions to often complex commercial challenges.


    Understanding where you’ve come from is essential in planning where you want to go. Shunt’s CABS report provides the roadmap you need.


    The CABS report generates valuable insights that prompt reflection and discussion of commercial priorities.


    Shunt works in partnership with our clients to build their commercial capacity and capabilities.


    An evidence-based approach to commercial decision-making is achievable for every organisation.


    It might sound counter intuitive but developing a content marketing strategy is one of the last things we do. Let’s cook-up some mad experiments and nurture cultural change first – then we’ll talk strategy.


    Building the commercial value proposition of your organisation is an ongoing process.